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 Our main objectives are:

1.    to improve engagement in education, training and employment

2.    to improve the knowledge and skills of all professionals working with offenders and those at risk of offending

3.    to improve fairness and equality in the criminal justice system

4.    to empower professionals to meet the needs of vulnerable clients

5.    to promote equality and human rights for those at risk of social exclusion


Research tells us that language and communication difficulties are often hidden behind challenging behaviour.  Only punishing the  behaviour and not addressing the underlying language and communication needs will lead to cycles of exclusion and isolation.

Those who become trapped, in cycles of exclusion and isolation, will often experience destructive outcomes.  Too often the cycle continues when professionals they link with do not have the skills or knowledge to recognise that Behind the Behaviour are difficulties and disabilities.

Experiences and the harmful emotions attached to exclusion and isolation can begin at a young age and stay with that child into to adulthood.

Language and communication difficulties impacts on all aspects of life:


Our roles involve:

.         improving social and learning  opportunites for all people experiencing receptive, expressive and pragmatic communication difficulties and learning disabilitites

·         training professionals working with children, young people and adults experiencing social exclusion

·         supporting children and young people at risk of exclusion better engage with their learning

·        enabling children and young people with challenging behaviour better understand expectations and consequences

.      working with families to help reduce conflict in the home

·      supporting vulnerable offenders to have their needs and fears listened to


 If you work in any of these field you will benefit from working with us:

  •  Social Services
  • Education
  • Criminal Justice
  • Probation
  • Young Justice
  • Legal
  • Health Service
  • Restorative Justice
  • Youth Service


‘…work with us to develop your dialogue and make your communication count…’

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