Social Exclusion is Complex: many at risk of social exclusion have language and communication needs.

Social Exclusion is complex, it involves the lack of and denial of rights, services, and the inability to participate in normal relationships.

People who are socially excluded experience a number of barriers. Social exclusion is often measured in terms of poverty (family income), although this is a simplification of a complex set of factors that can change over time.

Some would argue that disability is a more useful measure of social exclusion, because together with ethnic minorities, people with impairments are among the most exposed to exclusion in Europe.

Who is at risk of social exclusion?

Government has identified groups at greatest risk of social exclusion, many of whom are also at risk of having language and communication needs.

There is evidence of a high incidence of language and communication needs in young offenders, looked after children and those who violate social norms – as well as other social, emotional and behavioural difficulties.

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