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Middlesex University Accredited Course

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Progression options using the Siarad Da Certificate in Supporting Vulnerable Offenders, with Middlesex University

Your Siarad Da Certificate gives you 40 credits at level 6 and you can use these to progress onto a number of Professional Practice awards with Middlesex University outlined below. Other Universities  will recognise the credit however whether you can use the credit against a named award will depend on their own regulations. 


Route One:   Graduate Certificate: Siarad Da Certificate 40 cr @L6    +   Middlesex 20 cr L6 project  

Route Two:     BA (hons) Professional Practice in…….(to be negotiated)

For those without a degree it is possible to use the 40 level 6 credits towards a degree.  You would get the remaining 320 credits required through an APL process, structured work based learning modules and a negotiated project.


Route Three:    Post Graduate Certificate:  Siarad Da Certificate 40 cr @L6    +   Middlesex 40 cr L7 project

(you can only use 20 cr @ L6 in a Post Graduate Certificate, which is @ L7)

Route Four:     MA Professional Practice in…. ( to be negotiated)

If students wanted to progress onto a Full Masters Award then 30 cr @ L6 could be used

The further 150 credits at level 7 needed for a Masters award are made up from APL, structred work based learning modules and a major negotiated project.

Note: Our work based learning framework of modules is flexible and they can all be studied at a distance.

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